New Stuff Tuesday – October 19

Design Is How It Works

Design Is How It Works:
How the Smartest Companies
Turn Products Into Icons
by Jay Greene
TS171 .G726 2010
New Book Island, 2nd floor

Why do we buy the products that we buy? Is it because of price? Is it because of the brand? Is it because the product actually works instead of just looks pretty? This week’s featured title demonstrates how it’s really about design of the product, encompassing how it works.

Greene, former editor for Business Week, takes the stories of companies that have made their products not only leaders in their respective industries, but those that set the bar very high. He uses icons such as Porsche, Lego and Nike to illustrate that while the design process adds to the bottom line, the rewards that it reaps in terms of profits far outweigh the costs incurred. From competitions amongst designers to incorporating customer feedback, these corporations have drastically improved their market potential through better product design.

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