The Hollywood Librarian Premiere

The documentary about the image of librarians debuted this past week at the American Libraries Association (ALA) Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The Hollywood Librarian seeks to shatter misperceptions about the modern career that is librarianship. The trailer for the movie was featured here on the Library’s blog back in May (link to the original post). The Washington Post wrote a review of the premiere of the movie, saying that “men in tuxes and women in gowns smartly walk the red carpet at the Washington Convention Center, to the “woo-hoo!” of adoring fans.” And yes, they were talking about librarians.

My favorite quote from the article has to be the following, as I’m not from Wisconsin, but I can still relate:

Laughing at themselves is something librarians are very good at… They have to be, they say, when the profession is so misunderstood. One librarian from Wisconsin recalled a friend asking — seriously — whether the MLS degree took so long because librarians first had to read all the books. As in, all of them.

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