New Stuff Tuesday – September 21

Diversity Paradox

Diversity Paradox:
Immigration and the Color Line
in 21st Century America
by Jennifer Lee & Frank Bean
JV6475 .L38 2010
New Book Island, 2nd floor

Diversity is very much a part of our society, including our campus. The convergence of individuals with different backgrounds enriches the dialogue for all those involved. However, the diversity that we currently enjoy has not come to fruition without struggle. Underrepresented groups have endured their share of hardship along the way. This week’s featured title looks at the current issues relating to the rise of the Latino and Asian communities in the United States.

Lee and Bean, professors at the University of California, Irvine, examine the booming Asian and Latino populations due to immigration. The authors look at the plight of African Americans from the years of slavery and investigate whether the ‘new kids’ will experience the same sort of battle for societal integration. They also analyze the “color line” and the blurring of that line, what it means for multiracial individuals like the nation’s President. And if the text isn’t enough, there are plenty of references at the end for further research.

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