Are You Prepared?

Coming to college can seem like a daunting task. It’s not like grade school where you pick up the school supplies and head to Target. You’ve got to pack up your whole life and move to a faraway place (or just down the road). You’ve got to buy all the stuff for your new life out of the direct reach of the parentals. In addition to all of the things for your dorm room, there’s also the electronic side of the coin to consider. What do you do for that?

The fantastically useful Lifehacker recently posted their list of tech essentials for college. The article highlights the factors to consider when laying down the money for the new digital digs. Mac or PC? Microsoft Office or an open-source alternative? External hard drive or flash drive? While the PC v Mac question is easy (duh.), the others might require a little thought. With their help, you can make the informed decisions for yourself.

Read the list for yourself:
Preparing for College: Tech Essentials for Your First Year – Lifehacker

Any suggestions from the more experienced students out there?

Thanks to Patty for the link!

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    Great article with good tips!

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