Library Land Trivia – WINNER!

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After going through hundreds of answered questions (392 correct ones) and over forty blog comments, we’ve come up with a winner to the trivia challenge.

Drumroll, please…

Joseph Carroll

Joseph maximized his chances of winning by getting all five questions correct and posting a comment to the blog. He will be taking home the Back to School prize made possible by our awesome sponsors – UHCS, the UWW Bookstore, Sweet Spot and Toppers!

Thanks again for all of you that entered the contest! And just in case you’re curious about the answers…

1) What’s a periodical?
A) bathroom reading
B) a species that only survived for a short time (e.g. dinosaurs)
C) a publication issued with regular frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
D) a nasty form of tooth decay

Although a periodical generally does qualify as bathroom reading, a regularly-published item is the better answer.

2) If you check out one of our laptops in the library, which floor do you have to be on to use the wireless?
A) the main floor
B) the first, second or third floors
C) all four floors
D) the library doesn’t have wireless, silly.

TRICK QUESTION – a lot of people were thrown off by the all four floors, but we really only have three (I bet that you could get the wireless on the roof though).

3) You notice that we have movies like the Departed and Batman Begins and you’d like to check them out. How long do you get them?
A) two weeks
B) two days, just like Blockbuster new releases
C) seven hours, thirty-eight minutes and sixteen seconds
D) forever and a day

Sorry kids, we’re better than Blockbuster in that you can have the movies for two weeks. With that much time, who cares about late fees?

4) What’s the name of the library’s café?
A) The Coffee Shhh-oppe
B) The Cage in the Corner
C) Starbooks
D) Food For Thought

Yes, our coffee shop does brew Starbucks coffee, but its name isn’t Starbooks.

Why does the University Library Blog have a place for comments?
A) We want to hear from you, and the blog presents the perfect medium in which to get that feedback.
B) It’s just a front – we don’t care what you think.
C) The comments section looks pretty.
D) Wait… there’s a place for comments?

All in all – the contestants averaged four correct answers. Not too shabby.

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  1. Leon White says:

    I think it would be a great idea to have a library lock-in night. People could study with others and movies could be shown at certain times.

  2. Reference says:

    Your blog is great!

    Here is the url of the blog from the Archives of the Sandusky Library, if you would
    like to take a look:

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