State of Working Wisconsin

In October 2008 I blogged about the 2008 State of Working Wisconsin, a biennial publication of COWS (Center on Wisconsin Strategy). Now there is a 2009 update.

The 2008 report said that it was a “stressful time” for workers. Well, the 2009 report won’t give anyone a warm fuzzy feeling. It says, “Not surprisingly, the picture that emerges is fairly grim.”

“Wisconsin has lost 137,100 jobs since December 2007, nearly 5 percent of its job base at that time. More than half this loss has occurred in 2009.”

See the report online for the grim details.

COWS also publishes a monthly Wisconsin Job Watch, which “provides a snapshot
of Wisconsin’s job picture and reports on key recession trends.” The March issue was posted to the web site on April 20th.

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