“The Life and Death of the Sun” Apr. 30

Dr. Robert Benjamin, UWW Physics Dept., will present “The Life and Death of the Sun” on Fri., Apr. 30 @8pm in Upham Hall 140, followed by public viewing at the UWW Observatory @9:15pm (weather permitting). It’s the fourth spring David Bertagnoli Memorial Lecture/Whitewater Observatory Lecture.

All good things come to end, including our solar system. This lecture on the birth & death of stars will describe how a star changes over its lifespan, with a focus on the life and times of our Sun, including some spectacular high resolution movies of its boiling surface taken in the last three weeks by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. “What do we know about where our Sun came from? How much time do we have left before it goes out? And when it does, what about the Earth?”

Observer's Guide coverLike to learn more? Andersen Library can help! Search the HALCat online catalog for books such as Observer’s guide to stellar evolution: The birth, life, and death of stars (3rd-floor Main Collection, QB857.5.E96 I54 2003) and Through the eyes of Hubble: The birth, life, and violent death of stars (3rd-floor OVERSIZE Main Collection QB806 .N34 1998). Search article databases to find articles including “Earth’s deadly future” (Astronomy, July 2007, vol.35:no.7, pp.28-33).

Please ask a librarian for assistance with finding materials.

Mark your calendars for the last the observatory lecture this spring:

  • May 7: When Fusion Stops, What Follows (the long retirement of stars as white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes)

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