New Stuff Tuesday – April 27

Born Entrepreneurs

Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders:
How Your Genes Affect Your Work Life
by Scott Shane
QH457 .S53 2010
New Book Island, 2nd floor

We all know the significance of the role that our genetic make-up plays in our lives. Those little power-packed strands of DNA impact everything from medical conditions to physical appearance. However, as this week’s feature title explains, your genes go even further, extending into your professional life too.

Shane, professor at Case Western Reserve University, takes the study of behavioral genetics to a whole another level with his latest release. In his book, the well-renowned expert in entrepreneurship utilizes science to explain how genes influence organizational and workplace behavior. He provides insights on how an individual’s DNA lends to creativity and innovation that could lead to entrepreneurial activity. The groundbreaking research informs the reader not only on how to look inward to know only capitalize on one’s genetic gifts, but also how to conquer the flaws as well.

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