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Whether you are casting about for a topic for a research paper, or doing research on a topic you’ve already selected, this resource may help you:

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CQ Researcher explores a potentially controversial, “hot” topic in each weekly issue. You will find statistics, history, a chronology of relevant events, maps, legislative actions, and experts supporting their side of a pro/con question related to the issue of the week.

For example, the Feb. 26 issue explores cybersecurity. The leading article is “Are U.S. military and civilian computer systems safe?” The pro/con question is “Should the government regulate private-sector cybersecurity?” The issue includes a discussion of legislation over the years to deal with increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, starting with “Computer Fraud and Abuse Act — the first federal legislation specifically dealing with computer security.” Other sections of the issue discuss the current situation and the outlook for the future. There is also a bibliography of sources.

Other recent topics have been sleep deprivation, press freedom, animal rights, sex scandals, modernizing the grid, and professional football.

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