Banned Books Week – Tuesday’s Quiz

In honor of Banned Books Week (9/29-10/2), the Library will be offering a quiz each day Monday through Thursday. The quiz questions are about books that have been challenged or banned in the United States, and each day’s winner will receive a fabulous prize. A big “thank you” to the SweetSpot Coffee Shoppe, Toppers Pizza, and University Health & Counseling Center (UHCS) for their donation of prizes for the contest.

Monday – Harold Andersen Library t-shirt
Tuesday – SweetSpot gift certificate for $10
Wednesday – coupon for a Toppers large pizza and Topperstix
Thursday – 25-minute massage from UHCS

Entry forms are available in the Library near the Circulation and Reference Desks. You can’t win if you don’t enter, so stop by the library and complete the questions! A winner will be drawn at random from the correctly completed forms. And while you’re in the library, don’t forget to check out the Banned Books display near the Food for Thought Cafe!

Here are the three questions for Tuesday, September 29th.

1. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nick Carraway . . .

a. commits a murder and must flee to Mexico
b. moves to Long Island to learn about the bond business
c. struggles to become a successful doctor in Argentina

2. The novel, Ulysses, by James Joyce is about Leopold Bloom as he spends an ordinary day in which city?

a. Paris
b. London
c. Dublin

3. Which of the following movies is based on the novella, Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad?

a. Platoon
b. Apocalypse Now
c. Saving Private Ryan

(Monday’s Quiz Answers: Oceania, Yoknapatawpha County, Holden Caulfield)

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