New Stuff Tuesday – June 17

You’re going to be excited this week – we’re featuring not one, but two new electronic resources for the university community to utilize. I know, contain yourself.

First up, we have a fantastic Reference Collection here in the Library. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether a book is useful until you actually look at it yourself. That’s all changed – we now subscribe to Reference Universe. Reference Universe is like one big index of many of the titles right here in our collection. Now you don’t have to guess if the particular book covers your topic. For example, if you search in the Library’s catalog for snowboarding and limit to the Reference Collection, you’ll only find one book. Using Reference Universe, it turns out that there are really TEN titles that have sections on snowboarding. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Reference Universe

The other new resource that we have to offer is SAGE eReference. Instead of coming to the library, you can browse the entire reference material online! Being reputable sources, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality and up-to-date information from a credible source. Although we currently only have two titles through Sage, we are looking to expand this collection – make sure to use it!

SAGE eReference

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  1. Trixie says:

    The only two titles I saw through Sage were these (FYI):

    Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change
    PLANET EARTH HAS become the concern of everyone. The activities of conservation biologists are now of interest to economists and political scientists who wish to find out whether certain environmental problems are best solved by regulations or market forces. Businesspeople, government officials, and politicians have become involved in science.

    Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Society
    The issue of race and ethnicity is critical in contemporary life. It is a key element, whether explicitly stated or not, in debates concerning governmental leadership, health care, religion, aging, the media, and public policy in general.

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