Perseid meteor shower

If you’re a fan of stargazing, check out the Perseid meteor shower. The best time for viewing these “shooting stars” is from midnight to dawn tonight and again late tomorrow night. According to NASA’s website, this meteor shower is an annual event in August as the tail of the comet, Swift-Tuttle, intersects with the earth’s orbit.

Want to read about meteors and comets? Below are just a few books that are available in Andersen Library on these topics.

  • Cosmic Pinball: The Science of Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids by  Carolyn Sumners and Carlton Allen (QB721 .S85 2000, main collection, 3rd floor).
  • Comet Science: The Study of Remnants from the Birth of the Solar System by Jacques Crovisier and Thérèse Encrenaz ; translated by Stephen Lyle (QB721 .S85 2000, main collection, 3rd floor).
  • Cosmic Phenomena by Gabriele Vanin (QB500 .V36 1999, main oversize collection, 3rd floor).

To find more books on astronomy, search the library catalog.

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