Warhawk Almanac: Happy Founders Day Tri Sigma!

In 1898, eight women in Farmville, Virginia, founded the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority to establish a sisterhood based on friendship. [1] In February of 1903, Tri Sigma was granted its Charter of Incorporation by the Commonwealth of Virginia and in April of the same year the sorority adopted its first constitution. [2] Thirty-four years after the initial founding, the Whitewater Chapter, Alpha Xi, was founded on March 19, 1932. [3] The Chapter was combined with the already established Alpha Sigma Phi, a literary society founded in 1889. This combination recognized the newly named Sigma Sigma Sigma Chapter as a national educational sorority, just one of 30 other chapters in the Association of Education Sororities, and as part of the Women’s Professional Pan Hellenic Association. [4]

UW-Whitewater Tri Sigma Founding Members
1932 Minneiska page 46

On Thursday, March 17, 1932, Tri Sigma held its first initiation night and pledged the existing members of Alpha Sigma Phi. On Friday, 29 new members pledged, who are considered the charter members of Sigma Sigma Sigma at UW-Whitewater. On Saturday, the rest of the members were pledged, bringing the total to 37. In celebration, the new members hosted a dinner at Green Shutters which was attended by alumnae members. [5]

From its founding, Tri Sigma has always considered the professional and social aspects of its sisters. They pride themselves on providing annual scholarships, leadership development opportunities, and the initiative to benefit children’s health through the Tri Sigma Foundation. Today the Alpha Xi Sigma’s are still bonded by the stronghold of sisterhood and work hard to create a space where their members can thrive, both socially and professionally. Help us in wishing a happy 90th founders’ day to Tri Sigma!

2021 Officer Board
From: http://uww.trisigma.org/photo-albums

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