New Stuff Tuesday – June 3

Two Billion Cars

Two Billions Cars:
Driving Towards Sustainability
By Daniel Sperling & Deborah Gordon
HE5611 .S67 2009
New Book Island, 2nd floor

Yes, I understand that it’s actually Wednesday (and really almost Thursday). However, I found myself stuck in Illinois until last night due to the unexpected passing of my car (well, Lil Red technically isn’t dead yet – he’s still in the shop). With that in mind, I found the perfect book to honor him and his years of dedicated service to getting me from Point A to Point B without complaining or killing my wallet (that’s right, 38-42 MPG). Driving just won’t be the same without you, Lil Red.

Sperling and Gordon, experts in the area of transportation, address America and the world’s addiction to the automobile. With an estimated billion cars on the road worldwide, the energy and environmental crises will only continue to worsen as more and more cars take to the streets. The authors take on all parties involved, from the stagnant (and slightly bankrupt) American auto industry, to the skyrocketing overseas markets that threaten to deepen the impact on our natural resources. It’s not all doom and gloom though – they examine promising signs from California and China, two of the worst offenders, leading the way with their policies and measures to soften the blow of our gas-guzzling ways.

Special treat – the Governator wrote the foreward.

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