New Stuff Tuesday – April 8

Pancake Mountain

Pancake Mountain:
Episodes 1-8
DVDs 1-4
Center PN1992.77 .P3 P34
New Book Island, 2nd floor

I know, you’ve been anxiously waiting for New Stuff Tuesday…

When I browse the shelves each week looking for titles to feature, I always take notice of the DVDs. Last week, I saw Pancake Mountain – since it was not shelved with our other popular movies in the PN1997s, I wondered, “What’s that?”

After some investigative research on the interwebs, it turns out that Pancake Mountain is a TV show for children – but it’s not your regular children’s programming. The show originated on public access television in the Washington, DC metro area and has grown in popularity. The show not only appeals to kids, but also to the parents, because of the musical performances by bands like Thievery Corporation, Henry Rollins and the Scissor Sisters, plus many more. If you love big-name alternative bands, then you just might enjoy this show. We have the DVDs here at the Library.

For a quick sample of the experience that is Pancake Mountain, check out the Go! Team performance from show!

YouTube Preview Image

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