Warhawk Almanac: The Halverson House Arrives – 1907

Alumni Log Cabin, 1909, in 1909 Minnieska (Whitewater: University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, 1909), 48.

When students of the Whitewater Normal School returned for classes in September of 1907, they noticed a new addition to the campus layout. Earlier in the spring, President Salisbury posted an advertisement in the local newspaper inquiring about pioneer-era log houses in the area surrounding Whitewater.[1] Right before the school year began, President Salisbury found a suitable house and moved it to campus. The log house, donated by the Halverson family, was placed on the hill behind the Old Main building. Although Old Main may be gone, the old log cabin still sits on the same hill overlooking the University Center. The Halverson log house was moved to the Normal School to be protected and preserved while also serving as a museum of pioneer-life for Whitewater students and the local community. Work quickly began to fix any weaknesses in the building’s structure, which included installing a new roof.[2] As the semester continued, donations and participation from the community allowed for the addition of period-specific furniture and a working fireplace.[3] Finally, by December, the old log house was ready for more than just simple walk-throughs. The Normal School faculty hosted an event that included food, music, and even some pioneer appropriate costumes.[4]

04-LC-108 Log Cabin, Anderson Library Archives and Area Research, Anderson Library,  University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, Whitewater, WI.

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