Make an Autumn Glow candle!

It’s getting dark outside early now… and cold… and now that classes are all remote after 11/20, you’re probably spending a lot more time in your dorm room….

Sounds like you need a handmade craft to brighten up that dorm room!

image of a jar wrapped with burlap, holding a small candle
image of a pumpkin stenciled onto a jar, holding a small candle

Come to the library on Wednesday 11/18 or Thursday 11/19, between 11:00a.m. and 4:00p.m., to make your own tea light candle holder. It’s an LED light candle — entirely dorm-approved and safe.

The pictures here might give you some inspiration. Or, check out Youtube for inspiration like this. Your only limit is your imagination! (well, and the supplies we have on hand, but we plan on a variety.)

image of leaves glued onto a jar, holding a small candle

About Naomi Schemm

Naomi is a Reference & Instruction Librarian for the College of Business & Economics at Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater. While not helping students and faculty with their research, she enjoys singing, ballroom dancing, crafting, and cooking.
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