Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

Before winter break, our little friends at the Children’s Center had SNOW-much fun at storytime. The theme for this one was winter activities, specifically building snowmen. This topic was a great one to end on before break because the kids were very excited to get out and build a snowman like we saw in our stories.

Book 1: “All You Need For a Snowman”.

Activity: Flannel Board “Build a Snowman”

“All You Need For a Snowman” was a fun book because it was showing us what things we can use to make the best snowman. It was a perfect segway into building our own snowman as a class. To prep, I had cut out as many things a snowman would need. My friends didn’t think what I has was enough, so we added things as we went along.

Song 1: “5 Little Snowmen”

Book 2: “Snowie Rolie”

Craft: Build your own snowman!

“Snowie Rolie” was another fun book to read because of the imagination it brought forward for the children. It shows what two friends can do when they build a snowman. For the craft, we had snowman templates printed out. Then the children used crayons and some of their own materials to make their own snowman. To tie in with our second book, the children also made sure to add fun activities they can do with their new snow-friend.

Song lyrics/ Actions:

5 little snowmen on a snowy day… (hand trickle)

The first one said, “Let’s go play” (pump arms in the air)
The second one said, “lets stop on the ground”. (stomp)

The third one said let’s roll around. (choice of rolling arms or roll on ground)

The fourth one said, “let’s run, run, run!” (run in place)

The fifth one said, “Uh oh, I feel the sun!” (hand on head, hot)

“Oh dear!” cried the snowmen, as they looked to the sky.(look up)

The five little snowmen wave goodbye. (wave)

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