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NASA Star coverWant to scan new publications related to aerospace research? Try Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports (STAR), an “online publication listing citations and abstracts of NASA and worldwide aerospace-related research.” It’s updated biweekly, and you can sign up for an email alert.

In each issue you can skip to the section(s) of interest to you, e.g., “Geosciences” or “Physics.” Some entries link to full text online. Otherwise you can use Library resources such as the Journal Holdings List to see if you have access to the full text.

Being a librarian I sometimes skim the “Social & Information Sciences” section, and at times I find things there most people wouldn’t expect to find in a listing of aerospace-related research. One of my favorite recent finds (because I love reading science fiction including Robert Heinlein‘s novels):

Robert A. Heinlein’s Influence on Spaceflight (Book Chapter)
In: Dick, Steven J. (ed.); Remembering the Space Age: Proceedings of the 50th Anniversary Conference; 2008, pp. 341-352;
“Robert Heinlein is one of the most influential science fiction authors of all time. His writings not only inspired numerous people to enter the sciences and engineering in general — and the field of spaceflight in particular — but also shaped the way that people thought about spaceflight. Thus, even though Sputnik was a strategic surprise for the USA, there were legions of young Americans predisposed to step up and get to work on the challenging task of winning the space race. Heinlein’s influence can currently be seen in the activities of numerous private spaceflight entrepreneurs.”

If you’re interested in Heinlein’s books, several are available at Andersen Library. Search the Library Catalog, or ask a librarian for assistance.

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