Free Comic Book Day: Saturday, May 2

I’m not a big comic book reader, but I do like free books. So I am excited about Saturday, May 2. It’s Free Comic Book Day! Just walk into any participating comic book store and pick yourself up a free comic! Seriously! It’s free!

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event that takes place the first Saturday in May. Shops around the world take part. But does that mean that every store that sells comics will hand you a free one on Saturday? No. Only stores participating in the event will do so. Luckily, there is a handy dandy shop locator service where you can look up these stores in your area.

You’re probably now wondering, “What comic book can I get?” A list of the available comics is also posted on the Free Comic Book Day web site. For more information about the event, check out the FAQ section of the site.

So if you’ve got a little free time this Saturday, May 2, drop by a participating comic book store in your area and pick up your free comic!

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