The Last Elephants (New Stuff Tuesday)

This post is written by Hanna Srour, Reference Desk Student Assistant.

The Last Elephants

Oftentimes, nonfiction books are thought to be rather dull or irrelevant. The Last Elephants is absolutely neither of these things. Containing a large variety of articles, photographs, and poetry, this book is full of important information regarding the abhorrent effects of poaching and the heartbreaking idea of a world without elephants–a reality which will soon be ours if we do not change our ways. Generally speaking, most people do care about endangered animals and are not in favor of poaching. However, this book really forces one to take a long, hard look at the world we live in and ponder the impact that humanity has had on the earth and the other species inhabiting it. This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about saving endangered animals, as well as for anyone who is not aware of the very real impact that poaching has had on one of the world’s most beloved species.

The Last Elephants
compiled by Don Pinnock & Colin Bell
New Arrivals Island, 2nd Floor
QL737.P98 P58 2019

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