Looking for Accurate Health Information?

There’s a lot of health information online. Unfortunately, it’s not all accurate. If you haven’t checked out the consumer health Web site MedlinePlus sponsored by the National Library of Medicine, you should. It’s terrific. MedlinePlus has up-to-date health information with every topic being reviewed by health professionals at least every 6-months for accuracy. The drug information is very extensive, and new drugs are being added all the time. A quick search in the search box will yield results from pre-evaluated health Web sites. It’s much better than using Google and then taking your chances on accuracy.

Some other great health Web sites for health information include: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), MayoClinic.com, Lab Tests Online, and FamilyDoctor.org.

If you need health information beyond what the consumer health Web sites contain, the library has a list of Medicine Databases. You might also want to¬†search the library catalog for books and government documents on health topics. Because health information changes over time, use the “Quick Limit” to search for materials published since 2005.

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    Thanks for the info. I sent it to a bunch of my friends so they can be informed.

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