Paving the Way for Fresh Parking

As the asphalt dries, Lot 12 and Lot 12A located behind Andersen Library seems to be heading closer and closer to completion. Workers have been consistently putting hours into this parking lot since July 4th to ensure that it is available for use as soon as possible. Faculty/staff and Commuter South parking pass holders should see more spots opening up soon making work and class commutes simpler as we head into the fall semester.

The next step for Lot 12 looks to be the painting of the parking stalls hopefully marking the lot as finished and ready for fresh parking.

Be sure to take a look back at our previous photos of Lot 12 to see the amazing progress made so far. Make sure to visit the lots in person too because the work done on Lot 12 and 12A marks the first parking upgrade for UW-Whitewater in over a decade!


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