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Dr. Louis Fucilla, Political Science Dept., will talk about political polling on Thurs, Oct 18, at 6:30pm in the City Council chambers in Whitewater’s city hall (312 W Whitewater St). It’s the League of Women Voters® of the Whitewater Area‘s November program, but it’s open to all!

You can check out some of the latest polls at Real Clear Politics, PollingReport.com, FiveThirtyEight, or the Marquette Law School Poll. Andersen Library provides access to a public opinion database Polling the Nations, and the Library also is having a trial of the Roper Center’s iPOLL database (the trial runs until November 15, 2018). Try it out!

You can learn more about political polling and voting behavior with many articles in Andersen Library’s databases, such as “On public opinion polls and voters’ turnout” (Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2018, vol.20:no.2, pp.239-256, doi:10.1111/jpet.12274) and “Using Wikipedia to Predict Election Outcomes” (Public Opinion Quarterly, 2017, vol.81:no.3, pp.714-735, doi:10.1093/poq/nfx007) that advocates supplementing poll data with online information-seeking behavior to improve election forecasting accuracy.

Please ask a librarian (choose chat or email, phone 262-472-1032, or visit the Reference Desk) if you’d like assistance with finding materials.

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