New Stuff Tuesday – December 12, 2017

We Can't Help It - We're Men

We Can’t Help It – We’re Men
directed by Rick Green
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New Arrivals Island, 2nd floor

It’s been a busy semester to say the least. So let’s try something light for “New Stuff Tuesday.”

Twenty years ago I was in a hotel room in Missoula and turned on the TV to see a dopey-looking guy with gray whiskers, wearing a plaid shirt and suspenders. Before I could change channels, I was hooked. He was hilarious. We were New Englanders at the time and assumed the rubes on the Red Green Show were local Montanans. Well, close enough: they’re Canadians (my apologies to both northern neighbors).

It’s a little hard to describe the Red Green Show – but perhaps something like a cross between a home repair show, sitcom, and spoof. The all-male cast of caricatures are members of Possum Lodge, a fraternity of locals who trade insults and jokes and try to fix things with the “handyman’s secret weapon” (duct tape).

In this hour long film, Red and his buddies attempt to explain the differences between men and women. You probably won’t find any of their ideas in textbooks, but they’re generally spot-on. As Red Green says on the DVD’s cover, “Remember, we’re all in the same boat, and women are on the shore, laughing.”

So keep your stick on the ice — and enjoy vintage Red Green.

If you’d like to learn more about the guys at Possum Lodge, try the Red Green web site or YouTube.

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