T3: Virtual Desktop for Off-Campus Access

If you ever run into problems accessing the Library’s resources from off-campus (or on the wireless network on campus) you may want to try using a virtual machine that you can run from within your own computer. By logging into a virtual desktop, you are, for all practical purposes, working on a hard-wired desktop on campus.

Here are the basic instructions for the light version to get you started. You can also view ICIT’s more detailed instructions for installing the software on your own laptop or desktop.

  • Go to http://gateway.uww.edu
  • Login using your NetID and password
  • Select the link Use Light Version
  • Select Desktops from the menu bar at the top of the page
  • Select General Access Desk
  • Wait until the virtual machine loads within your browser
  • On the Windows Desktop that now appears within your browser, select whichever internet browser you want to use (Chrome or Firefox)
  • Go to the Library’s homepage and begin your research
  • When you are finished with your session, log out of the virtual desktop as if you were on a normal, campus desktop (the browser tab with the desktop will disappear after the virtual machine logs off)
  • Exit out of the Citrix web-app by selecting your username in the upper right corner and logging off

You now have on-campus access to everything that the Library has to offer. This should help resolve any off-campus access issues.

About Diana

Diana is the Reference & Instructional Technology Librarian at UW-Whitewater. She can introduce you to a variety of technology to help improve your teaching, learning, research, and professional development. Ask her about Zotero, tea, or technology. She is the liaison librarian to the departments of Psychology and Social Work.
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