New Stuff Tuesday – December 6, 2016

Banjo book cover

An Illustrated History
by Bob Carlin
ML1015.B3 C37 2016
Browsing Books, 2nd floor

For my last New Stuff Tuesday post, I wanted to write about something a little more fun than management and economics (hard to imagine, I know!). So this post will highlight the banjo. No, I don’t play the banjo. I don’t even consider myself a fan of most bluegrass and country music. But every once in a while, I just fall in love with a song featuring the instrument. Banjo: An Illustrated History provides images and details of how the banjo has changed throughout history, traveling from Africa to the US and then around the world. The banjo has played a distinct cultural role in the United States over time. The book also highlights famous banjo players like John Hartford, Steve Martin, Tony Trischka, and Bela Fleck. Check out the book and learn more about this unique instrument!

Check out the database DRAM to stream music featuring the banjo.

And here are a few NPR Tiny Desk Concerts featuring banjo-playing bands:

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