The Sixth Extinction

Elizabeth Kolbert, journalist and author of The sixth extinction: An unnatural history, for which she won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction will deliver the last Contemporary Issues Lecture of the year at 7pm on Wed, Apr 20, in the Irvin L Young Auditorium.

Andersen Library has a copy of The Sixth Extinction (3rd-floor Main Collection, QE721.2.E97 K65 2014), and UWW students and staff also may request copies from other UW campus libraries via the free UW Request service (requested items arrive in 2-5 weekdays). A preview is available online via Google Books.

Andersen Library can help you can learn more! Other publications by Kolbert are available, including her book Field notes from a catastrophe: man, nature, and climate change (3rd-floor Main Collection, QC981.8.G56 K655 2006) and many articles, such as “Building the ark” (National Geographic, 2013, vol.224:no.4, pp.132-155), “Unnatural selection” (New Yorker, 2016, vol.92:no.10, pp.22-28), “The acid sea” (National Geographic, 2011, vol.219:no.4, pp.100-121), and “Enter the Anthropocene Age of Man” (National Geographic, 2011, vol.219:no.3, pp.60-85).

There are several interviews available online, including these:

Ask a librarian (visit the Reference Desk, call 262.472.1032, or choose to email or chat) for assistance with finding additional materials.

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