T3: Excel Shortcuts

Excel Shortcuts

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data. Here are some shortcuts that can make using Excel even faster and more efficient. Visit Microsofttraining.net for all eight tips.

  • Today’s Date
    Ctrl + semi-colon key
    To ensure the current date is always displayed, simply type “=Today()” into a cell and hit Enter.
  • New Lines within a Cell
    Alt + Enter
    Pressing just Enter will take you to another cell, so this is the quick way to add lines without moving outside of the current cell.
  • Insert a Comment
    Shift + F2
    Add a comment to a cell without moving the mouse.

Also remember that you can review the basics of Excel and learn more about its advanced features by viewing the tutorials on Lynda.com (make sure to use the link here or from the Library’s list of databases to be able to access the tutorials using your Net ID and password).

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