New Stuff Tuesday – February 2, 2016

Consumed Nostalgia

Consumed Nostalgia:
Memory in the Age of Fast Capitalism
by Gary Cross
HC110 .C6 C763 2015
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

Who doesn’t like watching reruns of their favorite childhood TV shows? For me it’s The Beverly Hillbillies and Hogan’s Heroes. For you it might be That’s So Raven or Boy Meets World.

Author and Penn State Modern History Professor, Gary Cross, notes that in past eras people longed for social customs or family heirlooms. But contemporary consumer culture has fueled our nostalgia for the stuff of our childhoods — like toys, music and TV shows. There’s something sincerely comforting about connecting with the happy places of your past. Requests for childhood favorites often find their way into the Library’s suggestion boxes — so we know these sorts of things resonate with UWW students.

If you’re yearning to connect with the popular culture of your past, here are a few suggestions from the Library’s collections:

You may also want to browse the Feature Film DVD Collection (arranged by title), the Curriculum Collection Easy Books or Fiction Books (arranged by author’s last name). Or check Research@UWW to search for books or DVDs by title, author or subject.

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