Friday Fun: Random Useful Websites

It’s Friday, classes haven’t started yet and you need a break from all the scurrying around getting ready. Let’s look for some random useful websites! Forget the targeted searching, open your mind and expand your horizons. Sometimes unplanned experiences are real delights.

Random Useful Websites will take you to many unexpected sites, things you’d not likely be trying to find but that just may become favorites! Just click “Let’s Go!” You can even get random useful sites sent to your email every week. Just remember to get back to work at some point.

screenshot of Random Useful Websites

On my first session I was taken to

  • an American Sign Language dictionary site — see words in ASL, slow down the video, and see sentence examples,
  • MyFridgeFood — check off what’s in your refrigerator and get recipes, except sometimes it’ll tell you to add one or two things,
  • — ok, probably not so unfamiliar
  • AccountKiller — providing instructions for removing your accounts or public profiles from many popular websites,
  • What Should I Read Next? — type in an author or title to get a list of reading suggestions,
  • Unsplash — high resolution photos licensed under Creative Commons Zero (the site says you can “copy, modify, distribute and use” them for free), and
  • that showed me an image related to rain, played audio of rain and offered the option to add to the rain the music soundtrack of the day, or other soundtracks (The soundtrack of the day when I visited was Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars, which I happen to really like! Apt bit of lyrics: “Let’s waste time…”).


P.S. This reminds me of The Secret Door, that randomly takes you to images of places all over Earth.

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I am a Reference & Instruction librarian, head of that department in Andersen Library, an associate professor, and a member of the General Education Review Committee and Faculty Senate. I've been working at UW-W since July 1, 1990.
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  1. Ellen says:

    Unsplash had fallen off my radar. Thanks for the reminder of a neat resource!

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