T3: Protecting Your Information Online

We generally trust the companies that we do business with online to protect our targetinformation.  Many high-profile hacking episodes and company missteps, such as those that occurred at Target and Snapchat, over the last few years have shown how important it is for everyone to monitor their information.

This week, the New York Times has an interactive quiz that allows you to see how many times your information may have been compromised and what type of information may have been targeted in security breaches at well-known companies.

If you have been a victim of a breach, here’s what the Times suggests you do now:

“Review your account statements for any fraudulent purchases, as well as your credit snapchatreport. Make sure you have different passwords for different accounts: in particular, don’t use the same password for your bank accounts, email and e-commerce accounts. If you were the victim of more than one breach, some security experts recommend freezing your credit. To do so, call Equifax , Experian or TransUnion and ask to have your account frozen. The credit agency will mail you a one-time PIN or password to unfreeze your account later. If you plan on applying for a new job, renting an apartment or buying insurance, you will have to thaw a freeze temporarily and pay a fee to refreeze the account.”


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