The 3rd Annual Stuffed Animal Sleepover at Andersen Library

The 3rd Annual

Stuffed Animal Sleepover Campout at Andersen Library

StorytimeOnce again, strange happenings were afoot in the Children’s Collections on Friday evening, April 10th, after hours. With the guidance of library public relations coordinator Becky Jones and student Kaitlyn Wondolkowski, parents, grandparents, and other lucky adults helped their children create name tags for their stuffed animal friends. Everyone then joined in a few campfire songs supported by volunteer community member Ben, his tuneful guitar, sidekick Ellen, and her mandolin. Honoring the stuffed bears in attendance, sing-alongs included that summer camp classic, The Other Day I Met a Bear.

snack time!

What is camping without s’mores?

Abby Kipp and Cassandra Wesner, both students in the College of Education and Professional  Studies, lead a rousing read of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt for the 3-7-year-olds. Academic Librarian Ellen Latorraca took “academic” to new levels for the infant to two-year-olds, their adults and their stuffed animals, sticking to the teddy bear theme with Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

After the children saw their stuffed animals off for the evening, the true camping fun began. Library student staff member Amy Rubo proved a fine builder of campfires that would meet library fire codes – and what campout would lack a crackling fire and s’mores? Other activities included bird watching, fishing, and much more, all inspired by books and publications the stuffed critters found during their forays through the stacks.

putting up a tent

Bird – and squirrel – watching.

In 2016, we hope to involve even more of our UW-Whitewater students in organizing and carrying out various aspects of our fourth annual sleepover event. If you or your student organization has a passion for working with children, the willingness to share some energy, and a desire to put expertise into practice, please contact Diana Shull or the education librarian, Ellen Latorraca. We’re happy to share the fun!

putting up a tent

Putting up a tent is no easy feat – or paw.


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