Where to Invest in 2008

When people think of the library, they don’t necessarily think to turn to us for investment advice. While we wouldn’t advise anyone on where to put their money, we can point you to credible and respectable sources for that sort of information. Conveniently enough, Morningstar, one of the top investment analysis firms and financial resource, has released their picks on the stocks and funds that will perform well in the coming year. Reknown for their mutual fund Where to Invest in 2008 contains information on the ‘Four Funds for an IRA,’ the ’10 Best Companies in the World,’ the ‘Best Funds for 2008,’ and ‘Tune Up Your Portfolio in the New Year.’

To access the Morningstar report, use the following link – the report is linked under Important Articles in the center of the page.

Be on the lookout in March for an upcoming library session about the investing resources that we offer!

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2 Responses to Where to Invest in 2008

  1. Jeff Roberts says:

    A great resource for sure. Another alternative for people interested in mutual funds are exchange traded funds (ETFs). They’re basically funds that trade like stocks.


  2. Darvas boxes says:

    Just wondering if any active traders are starting to trade the ETFs? After reading the book by Larry Connors – High Probability ETF Trading – I switched and I would say overall my results have improved but there are fewer trading opportunities because of the small number of ETFs he writes about. ETFs seem to be a little less erratic in their price movement so that’s good but some of them have poor results using the systems he describes in the book.

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