New Stuff Tuesday – February 24

The Future of the Wild

The Future of the Wild:
Radical Conservation for a Crowded World
By Jonathan Adams
QH75 .A345 2006
New Book Island, 2nd floor

Some think of land conservation as just staking off areas here and there to prohibit future development is sufficient enough to ensure the preservation of the wildlife of the regions. While the current measures taken may work on the surface, this week’s featured book asserts that the procedures are short-sighted and will not support the wild plants and animals in the future.

Adams, a conservation biologist, writer and a program director at the Nature Conservancy, seeks to encourage you to think BIG when talking about conversation. The author contends that past conservation methods of acquiring individual parcels of land will not adequately sustain the natural ecosystems that currently inhabit our wilderness. He offers his insights to effective conservation strategies, only attainable through the integration of modern science, local community involvement and economic sense. He also provides examples of how these factors all come together to help save our natural habitats, from California to Florida.

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