Is the Weather Outside Frightful?

Believe it or not, it’s relatively nice outside according to Weather America. It’s true, we are and will remain for days below the mean minimum temperature for January, which is 14.2F, but we are not even close to the annual extreme minimum temperature in Lake Geneva, where the Walworth County weather station is located, which is -27F. At a high of 10F today and a low of -7F tonight I’d still recommend a full set of cold weather gear, including earmuffs (my favorites), mittens, and insulated boots along with your heavy overcoat. Don’t forget about the wind chill, which could get as low as -30F tonight. The faster the wind the quicker you’ll cool down to the ambient temperature, so don’t stay outside longer than you have to.

According to the National Weather Service, a minor “heat wave” is expected to save us come Sunday, when we’ll see a high of 20F and the low will be just 6F. Practically balmy compared to today.

Want to read more about the weather? Weather America (Reference Collection, Call Number: QC983 .W385 2011) provides a 30-year summary of statistical weather data and rankings for the entire United States. There is also easily accessible current, future, and historical weather data online from the National Weather Service. Other great places to get the forecast and more are Weather Undergound, The Weather Channel, and, of course, our local television and radio stations and their websites.

If you’re chilly, come to the library where it’s nice and toasty!

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  1. Ellen says:

    Oh, but it’s ever so sunny!

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