Adam Braun and The Promise of a Pencil

clip art of a pencilAdam Braun, New York Times bestselling author and founder/CEO of Pencils of Promise, will talk about “The promise of a pencil: How an ordinary person can create extraordinary change” on Mon., Oct. 6, at 7pm in the Young Auditorium. It’s the first Fall 2014 Contemporary Issues Lecture!

Pencils of Promise was founded in 2008, and funds programs including building schools, training teachers, and providing secondary school scholarships to students in several countries, to fulfill its mission of every child having access to quality education. You can watch Braun’s Google Zeitgeist talk online from the organization’s “Founder’s Story” web page. You also can read “Adam Braun: How he started Pencils of Promise” from or find articles in Library databases including “Children and Youth: Child Beggar Who Asked for Pencil Inspires Man to Build 206 Schools” (Africa News, May 12, 2014, Retrieved from LexisNexis Academic).

Charity Navigator has not yet rated Pencils of Promise, because it has not filed seven years’ worth of IRS form 990 (“Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax”), however, at the site you can create a free account and read the 990s filed for several years (2008-2012).

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