The Scream, or Shriek

At this stressful time of the academic year, some people may be ready to scream. Some campuses even plan “primal screams” at certain times! On the other hand, people can experience extra stress at other times during the semester, too. A former coworker of mine used to keep a copy of The Scream in her office. You may have heard of this piece, or you may have seen many pop culture take-offs. But did you know that Edvard Munch actually created four versions of this work, and that it is part of a series of paintings called “The Frieze of Life” that show the life of the soul from birth to death?

Have you never seen it, or you’re not sure? Search Google or the ArtStor database for scream munch to find images of it.

You can read more about Munch and his troubled but gifted life in “Edvard Munch: Beyond The Scream” at the web site. Andersen Library also has resources. Search HALCat to find books such as Edvard Munch: The Scream (3rd-floor Main Collection, ND773 .M8 H4), Munch: His life and work (3rd-floor Main Collection, ND773 .M8 H43 1984), and Edvard Munch: The early masterpieces (3rd-floor Main Collection, ND773.M8 S36 1988). Or, UWW students and faculty/staff may borrow Edvard Munch: Behind The Scream from other UW campus libraries by using the free Universal Borrowing service (requested items arrive in 2-5 weekdays). This title from Yale University Press won the British James Tait Black Prize for biography in 2005.

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