T3: Your Digital Life

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Starting next week and continuing through the summer, Tech Tips Thursday (T3) will focus on the theme of Your Digital Life. The summer is a great time to evaluate how, when, and where to create, find, store, manage, and publish information and media in a digital environment. This includes everything from the best place to store photos online to how to keep track of your Twitter account notifications. This 8-part, bi-weekly series will cover the following topics:

  • Passwords: Manage your passwords and keep them secure
  • Storage Space: Store and backup your digital files and archives
  • Social Media: Manage your accounts and maintain your desired level of privacy
  • Photos & Media: Share, manage, and store photos and other media
  • Notetaking: Capture information on the fly
  • Reading & Citation Management: Find and cite what you read both online and in hardcopy
  • Automation: Harness the power of websites and apps to automatically complete tasks
  • Optimize the Web: Make your web experience better using browser extensions, apps, and settings

If you want to keep track of this series, you can bookmark this post to see each post in the series as it appears, subscribe to the blog feed (http://blogs.uww.edu/library/feed)┬ávia a feed reader (examples: The Old Reader, Reeder, Feedly), or you can subscribe via your email (subscribe via Microsoft’s Outlook email program).

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Diana is the Reference & Instructional Technology Librarian at UW-Whitewater. She can introduce you to a variety of technology to help improve your teaching, learning, research, and professional development. Ask her about Zotero, tea, or technology. She is the liaison librarian to the departments of Psychology and Social Work.
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    I’m looking forward to these installments!

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