New Stuff Tuesday – April 29, 2014


The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain
by Daniel J. Siegel
BF724 .S49 2013
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

It’s always interesting (though sometimes uncomfortable) to get insight into one’s own behavior. So here’s a book that will be illuminating for college students who wonder why they think and act so differently from the adults in their lives.

Daniel Siegel is a professor of psychiatry at UCLA and he offers this work as, “An Inside-Out Guide to the Emerging Adolescent Mind, Ages 12-24.” He explores important brain developments that take place during adolescence and help turn kids into adults. Not only does Siegel explain the biochemistry and physiology of what’s happening in the brain, but more importantly, he explores why these changes happen and how they prepare children for adulthood. Siegel writes both to children and their parents and includes a number of exercises designed to help kids work through difficult issues on their own.

Whether you are an adolescent yourself or a parent or teacher of adolescents, this book helps to demystify the adolescent brain and suggests practical ways to smooth some of the rough patches on the journey to adulthood.

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