Reminder: Treats 4 Our Troops!

By Andrew E.

UW-Whitewater is joining up with the non-profit “Treats 4 Our Troops” to send needed items to American soldiers overseas. From now until March 17th, you can donate to “Treats 4 Our Troops” by bringing your items in to the Andersen Library Circulation Desk. The main donations being accepted are foot powder, hand/body lotion, and fruit/nut bars. Along with this, razors, toothpaste, and writing utensils are also being accepted. Get those donations in before March 17th to show your appreciation for the American soldiers!

Over conversation through a few emails, I was lucky enough to ask the “Treats 4 Our Troops” founder, Yael Roggen, a few specific questions about the organization and its progress through 2014. “This year close to 10,000 pounds of treats, magazines and toiletries were distributed to the troops, including wounded warriors at Walter Reed and Fort Belvoir.” What is even better about this massive number is the amount of soldiers Israel says the organization has reached over the years – “Close to 1,000 by now … sent to Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Africa, and many US Naval Ships.” It is incredible to see how the charitable ideas that some have can span out and become bigger, reaching more people with their support every turn of the year.


What do you think is the most rewarding thing about Treats 4 Our Troops?

“Personally to pay it forward and serve those that serve. It’s such a small gesture, but so appreciated. I feel it’s the least we can do to thank them for our freedom.”

What is the biggest difficulty to overcome?

“Money! If I had the funds to mail all the treats at once it would be much more efficient, however since I updated guidelines in 2012, we are reaching more troops faster.”

Heading a successful national non-profit has its obstacles, but is largely rewarding. Often the victories overcome through difficulty are the most rewarding. I can only imagine the immense satisfaction that Yael receives after sending off all the donations to the troops – Especially after those troops return the favor by sending a picture or testimonial of them enjoying what she sent them.

Please get any donations you wish to contribute to Treats 4 Our Troops to the library circulation desk by Monday, March 17.

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