Lincoln: Legacy and Lessons

The Spring 2014 Fairhaven Lecture Series theme is “The Legacy and Lessons of the Age of Lincoln.” These free lectures are weekly, on Mondays at 3pm, in the Fairhaven Retirement Community’s Fellowship Hall (435 W Starin Rd). Videos of the lectures since Fall 2007 also are available online.

The lecture on Feb. 3 is “The Road to Appomattox and Durham Station,” delivered by Richard Haney, Professor Emeritus, UWW History Dept. The rest of the lineup appears at the bottom of this post.

cover of 1864 bookAndersen Library has resources for learning more. Search HALCat for books and videos, such as To Appomattox; Nine April days, 1865 (3rd-floor Main Collection, E477.67 .D33), Shiloh to Durham Station: 18th Wisconsin infantry regiment, with Captain Robert S. McMichael’s Civil War letters (3rd-floor Main Collection, E537.5.18th H36 2010), The Civil War (2nd-floor Browsing Academic DVDs, E468 .C58 2009–5 discs), 1864: Lincoln at the gates of history (3rd-floor Main Collection, E457.45 .F58 2009), The road to disunion (3rd-floor Main Collection, E468.9 .F84 1990 v.1-2), and To fight aloud is very brave: American poetry and the Civil War (3rd-floor Main Collection, PS310.C585 B37 2012). Search article databases such as America History and Life to find articles including “Abraham Lincoln and the First-Person Plural: A Study in Language and Leadership” (American Nineteenth Century History, 2011, vol.12:no.1, pp.49-75).

Please ask a librarian if you would like assistance with finding materials.

Fairhaven Lecture Series schedule:

  • Feb 10: Equal Protection and Equal Elections: Enforcing the Civil War Amendments in the Twenty-First Century (Jolly Emrey, Associate Professor and Chair, Political Science)
  • Feb. 17: Lincoln’s Pragmatism: Plotting a Course Between Abolition and States’ Rights (Edward Gimbel, Assistant Professor, Political Science)
  • Feb. 24: Revisiting “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in the Twentieth Century (Dana Prodoehl, Assistant Professor, Languages and Literatures)
  • Mar. 3: Lincoln’s Long Shadow: Portrayals of Abraham Lincoln in American Popular Culture (Anna Hajdik Lecturer, Languages and Literatures)
  • Mar. 10: Reinventing America: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (Richard Haven, Emeritus Professor, Communication)
  • Mar. 17: With Malice Toward None: Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address (Richard Haven, Emeritus Professor, Communication)
  • Mar. 31: American Poets on Suffering and Death in the Civil War (Beth Lueck, Professor, Languages and Literatures)
  • Apr. 7: Lincoln’s Legacy and the Promise of Reconstruction (Amber Moulton, Assistant Professor, History)
  • Apr. 14: Lincoln’s Darkest Hour (Anthony Gulig, Associate Professor and Chair, History)
  • Apr. 21: A Mission to Honor: UW-Whitewater Premiere Documentary on the Fairhaven Veteran’s History Project (Jarred Donlon, Katelyn Klepper, Ashlee Lamers, Carolyn Larsen and Travis OGallagher, UW-Whitewater Students)
  • Apr. 28: Early American vs. Modern-Day Slavery: Debating Similarities, Differences and the Power of Moral Discourse (Margo Kleinfeld, Associate Professor, Geography and Geology)
  • May 5: Federalism and the Secession Crisis of 1860-1861 (Larry Anderson, Professor, Political Science)

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