Economic Report of the President

The 2009 Economic Report of the President has been submitted to Congress and may be read in its entirety online.Economic Report of the President 2009 cover

This annual report, written by the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, overviews the nation’s economic progress and provides extensive data appendices. Reports back to 1995 are available online at the GPO Access link given above. Older reports are available in print in the Library’s Federal Documents collection or online (back to 1947) at the Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER).

The Economic Report of the President includes:

  • Current and foreseeable trends and annual numerical goals concerning topics such as employment, production, real income, and Federal budget outlays;
  • Employment objectives for significant groups of the labor force;
  • Annual numeric goals;
  • A program for carrying out objectives.
  • The annual report of the Council of Economic Advisers, describing its activities during the previous calendar year.

The table of contents shows that the text has information that affects us all:
Chapter 1: The year in Review and the Years Ahead
Chapter 2: Housing and Financial Markets
Chapter 3: Energy and the Environment
Chapter 4: The Benefits of Open Trade and Investment Policies
Chapter 5: Tax Policy
Chapter 6: The Long-Run Challenges of Entitlement Spending
Chapter 7: Balancing Private and Public Roles in Health Care
Chapter 8: Education and Labor
Chapter 9: Economic Regulation

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