We’ll Fit in Your Carry-ons

That is, if you have a laptop with you.

But seriously…

Are you going to be studying abroad for part or all of the spring semester? First of all, I’m incredibly jealous because I would love to study abroad again (the picture to the right is of me in Nice, France while I was studying in Barcelona). But the other thing to consider is that you have to prepare – you have to know about the place where you’ll be spending some quality time broadening your horizons. The Library has plenty of information on particular countries and even travel guides. Make sure to check them out before you’re off traveling to distant lands.

And of course, don’t forget that you can use the online resources available from the Library both here in Wisconsin as well as wherever you have internet access. Just a heads-up, the libraries don’t work the same in other countries and may be a tad confusing. You always have us to fall back on if you need help.

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I'm the library guy. No, seriously, I'm the only male reference & instruction librarian. I also have the pleasure of serving several campus committees, the Academic Staff Assembly and the Chancellor's Task Force on LGBT Issues, among others.
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