Bombshell by Catherine Coulter

Bombsell by Catherine Coulter and Hidden Order by Brad Thor are giving Dan Brown’s Inferno a run for its money on U.S. best seller lists. On the most recent New York Times Print and e-Book Fiction, and e-Book Fiction lists Inferno is no longer number one. On other lists it still maintains its top status, but the aforementioned books are close on its heels. In USA Today, Inferno has fallen below those other books, and according to Nielsen Bookscan Inferno still reins in Top 10 Book Sales – Adult Fiction. In Publishers Weekly, Inferno still reigns, but only a few slots above the other two.

As for Bombshell, which was released earlier this month, this steamy, suspensful novel is the 17th book in a mystery series by Catherine Coulter. It is about FBI special agents Dylan Savich, Lacey Sherlock, and Griffin Hammersmith, and Hammersmith’s graduate student sister. Hammersmith investigates a perplexing attack involving his sister, while Savich and Sherlock examine the bizarre murder of a Federal Reserve Bank chairman’s grandson. Publishers Weekly, Book List, and Kirkus Reviews all gave it glowing accolades.

The Andersen’s Library’s copy of Bombshell is currently checked out according to Research@UWW. You can put a hold on that if you like using the “Request” option so that it will be held for you when you get to the top of the waiting list. Alas, Bombshell is not held at any other UW System library. An alternative is to check for it at public libraries. Whitewater’s copies are not available, but you could put a hold on one of them in the Trio catalog or order one from another library in their system. If you’re not part of that system, check your local public library system to see if one of the libraries has a copy available. Currently, one regular print copy is on the shelf for you to request according to Trio, but you can also put yourself on the waiting list for the large print, CD audiobook or MP3 CD audiobook.

If you have to wait to get this book, you may want to read some of Coulter’s older books in the series. Check out Fantastic Fiction to see what she’s written in the FBI Thriller or other series and get overviews, then check Research@UWW to see what Andersen Library has.

Not sure it’s your cup of tea? Get a feel for Bombshell by reading an excerpt of it. One can be found on Coulter’s website and a different one the (USA) (publilsher) website.

If you’ve read Coulter’s Bombshell we’d love to hear what you thought of it. Just drop us a comment below.

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