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Are you a fan of fantasy fiction? If you are, you’ll be pleased to know that Andersen Library has 42 books in this genre from this and last year alone, either in the stacks or on order. If you like a particular sub-genre you will want to search for that separately, as those tend to use different subject terms. For example, an Advanced Search for werewolves fiction limited to the last year and the Main Collection location (which finds books in the Main, Main Oversize, and Browsing Books collections) found eight additonal titles, one for vampires fiction found nine titles, and another for paranormal romance found two titles, although not all paranormal romances use that subject so you’ll likely want to try several searches. Please note that most older fiction titles have not been assigned subject headings in Research@UWW, so you will need to search for books by author or title if that’s what you want. To find authors and titles of older (and newer!) books in genres that interest you, search NoveList database UWW access only, Children’s Literature Comprehensive database (CLCD) UWW access only, Fantastic Fiction out of the UK, or even Amazon (search for a book you like, then at the bottom of the record click on a subject under “Look for Similar Items by Category.”

For newer books, Research@UWW, will have subject headings and very occasionally a plot overviews (check the Details tab for these) for fiction books to help you determine whether or not you’d like to read them. More reliable places to find plot overviews for books are NoveList database (brief), Children’s Literature Comprehensive database (CLCD) (brief), Literary Reference Center UWW access only (long, but mostly for older, more literary books, although books by JK Rowling and Don Delillo, to name a few, are in there), Fantastic Fiction, and authors’ websites. In addition, many authors’ websites have free chapters or excerpts to let you get a flavor for the book. As a bonus, CLDC aggregates book reviews for each title, so it is easy to find and read them.

If you’ve read any of our fantasy fiction, including anything from one of the many the sub-genres, we’d love to hear about it. Just add a comment below.

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