Donate Sears & JCPenney catalogs

Special Collections in the Library includes historical Sears and JCPenney catalogs. We are looking for Sears or JCPenney catalogs from 1994-2008. Some older years are needed as well, so if you have catalogs older than 1994, please call and check with the staff to see if they are needed. We promise that the catalogs you donate will have a good home! Thank you.

Special Collections
phone (262) 472-5520 or email

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  1. De says:

    Here are the years we are looking for: 1901-1907; 1910-1918; 1920-1922; 1924-1926; 1928-1929; 1931-1934; 1938; 1952; 1956; 1994-2008. We look forward to receiving donations to complete our collection.

    Our purpose is to create a collection for the theatre department to be able to reference fashions and props during different time periods.

    Thank You!

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