New Stuff Tuesday – March 19

It's Enough to Make You Sick

It’s Enough to Make You Sick:
The Failure of American Health Care and a Prescription for the Cure
by Jeffrey Lobosky
RA410.53 .L63 2012
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

There has been plenty of attention giving to the country’s health care over the past several years, from the political arena to the media outlets to the water cooler. The passage of the Affordable Care Act appears to be only the beginning to the road to reform. This week’s featured title takes a look at what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Lobosky, clinical professor at UC-San Francisco and co-director of a hospital trauma ICU unit, shares his insights and observations on the tragic state with the American health care system. Rather than go after the insurance companies or the pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Lobosky sets his sights on the hospitals themselves. Their shift in focus from community-based health organizations to for-profit-driven corporations has caused providers to worry about the bottom line rather than the patients. The patients in turn don’t seem to be concerned with taking preventative measures for their own health. The author holds everyone accountable in what could be a long road to recovery.

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