Introducing T3 (Thursday Tech Tips): Viewing Flash-based Media on Apple iOS devices

Apple mobile devices don’t play Adobe Flash-based videos and games, right? While it is true that the Apple iOS running on iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch do not natively work with Flash, you CAN view Flash-based video, play Flash-based games, and view Flash-based websites on your iOS device if you download one of the following apps. These apps are all essentially web browsers that stream flash content found on websites to your mobile device. A drawback to all of them, however, is that the streaming video can be slow at times.  For example, Rover, a browser built primarily for use in K-12 classrooms, suffers from its popularity and is often slow or too busy during the hours of a typical school day.

iSwifter ($7.99 after free, 2-week trial, iPad only)

Photon ($3.99, iPhone/iPod Touch)
Photon ($4.99, iPad)

Puffin (Free, 2-week free trial of Flash support, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)
Puffin ($2.99, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)

Rover (Free, iPad only)

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