Friday Fun: The Lives and Deaths of Academic Library Staplers

Thank you to Diana for sharing this! As some of you know, the Reference Desk staff is a bit protective of our staplers. There are good although undocumented reasons (the fates of the staplers that are no longer with us). So yes, the “good” Reference Desk staplers need to be used at the Desk, and the “other” staplers from the Desk can only go to your table if you leave us your ID. And now, proof that we are not alone:

Title of The Lives and Deaths of Academic Library StaplersThe Lives and Deaths of Academic Library Staplers: Documenting the Destruction of Public Staplers at an Academic Library Reference Desk (from Jason Vance, librarian and assistant professor at Middle Tennessee State University’s James E. Walker Library)

Start at the bottom and work your way forward.


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